Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our address is 10676 Bennett Rd East, Dunkirk NY, 14048. If you’re coming off the thruway into Dunkirk, take a right at the intersection over the bridge and we will be the first turn on your right. Look for the wacky waving tube man too!

Q: Do you provide shipping?

A: We are not providing shipping at the moment. All orders are pick-up only. We hope to have shipping available in the coming month or so for certain products.

Q: Are you a consignment store? Can I sell personal items here?

A: We are not a consignment store. We do not accept or sell any personal items.

Q: Where do your products come from?

A: We acquire inventory from a variety of outlets including large department stores such as Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, as well as smaller wholesale vendors that have specialty products. We also liquidate closing businesses of their leftover inventory, such as A.C. Moore. 

Q: Are your products new or used?

A: All of our inventory is inspected and tested by staff members before they are listed for sale. If a product has slight damage but is still in working order, the damage will be noted in the product listing. We do not sell any products that are damaged beyond repair or cannot be used properly. 

Q: When will certain products be back in stock?

A: We cannot guarantee when or if any specific product will be back in stock. We acquire very limited inventory that changes with every new shipment. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on when certain products or new inventory are expected to arrive!

Q: Can I return a product if it is damaged?

A: Yes. Our full return policy is in our policy tab. 

Q: Does packaging damage count as product damage?

A: No. If the damage does not directly affect the products use then it will not be considered product damage. Our products frequently have damaged or unappealing packaging due to being packed and shipped on pallets. If the product itself is not affected by the packaging damage then it will be listed as new.