Hover-1 Sport Helmet Adjustable, Black, Med

Hover-1 Sport Helmet Adjustable, Black, Med

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Every sport requires some basic protective equipment and safety gear to help prevent an injury in the event of an accident. Here at Hover-1, we believe that proper safety gear is essential when riding any of our rideables. With that said, here’s a basic piece of safety gear that every rider needs.

Our Sport Helmet is lightweight, adjustable, and protective – perfect for a variety of uses. Built with an adjustable strap, and adjustable dial system, a removable liner, and a hard shell protective cover, this helmet is designed to absorb impact and keep your head protected.

“Travel at the speed of life.”

  • Sweatband inner padding
  • Adjustable strap
  • Adjustable dial system
  • Secure buckles
  • Hard shell with glossy finish
  • Impact absorbing EPS foam